Invited Talk @ EdLab, Columbia University on Multimodal Learning Data

Two weeks ago I had the special opportunity to meet with the folks at EdLab – Teacher College, Columbia University┬áto help plan the first event at their new Learning Theatre, a ~2000 sqft space that is going to combine a reconfigurable learning environment with a huge array of data capture and interactive technologies and visualization capabilities. I think this space will really help us think deeply about the design of future active learning spaces, am I’m really excited to be a part of it!

As part of the meeting Matthew Berland and we invited to give a talk on the future of learning spaces and multimodal learning data.

The people at Ed Lab videotaped the event and broadcast using a pretty neat system that allows for participants to annotate the talk in real-time. You can watch the whole thing below (or click here to see the full site):

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