Radical Design Workshop

This workshop was designed as part of the Knowledge Media Design Institute‘s (KMDI) Radical Design Series entitled: Malleable Designs – Using Play-Doh to Design the Future.

The goal of the workshop was to engage the participants in thinking about how the future of communicative technologies will provide new ways for people to connect, share, and grow in their communities. Participants used Play-Doh as a medium to articulate and develop their ideas both tactilely and visually. Play-Doh was especially effective for this as the medium itself is so malleable and flexible that the participants didn’t have to conform their thinking to rigid structural limitations.

The workshop combined open, guided discussion and hands-on investigations with the Play-Doh. As a group we looked at 4 main themes: 1) What does it mean to communicate? 2) How do we define our communication networks and communities? 3) What is a disruptive technology? And how are current disruptive technologies changing the way we connect and relate to each other? 4) What do we envision the future landscape of communicative and community technologies to be?

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